Artificial Light, Inc.

Artificial Light is an iPhone consulting and design group. We create compelling iPhone Apps and marketing material that deliver the digital solutions our clients demand.

Artificial Light seeks to push the boundaries of art and science of digital media.  We are built on the philosophy of utilizing technology, exceeding expectations and inspiring our audience to achieve.  Since 2002, founder David Janosik has envisioned a group that would combine technology with creativity.  As these areas evolve, our future possibilities are infinite. We’re committed to service, cooperation, and communication throughout each step of the development process. Our team specializes in iPhone Design and Development, Graphic Design, Photography, and Database Integration.

Our design and development team has the knowledge and experience to make your business stronger, communicate better, and move at the speed of the Internet.  We understand how important the style and functionality of your project is for the successful growth of your business online. Developing a successful electronic presence takes a combination of quality content, dynamic programming and powerful graphics.  We take the time to identify our client’s objectives and develop intelligent solutions. We use the latest tools in technology and design to meet and exceed our client’s goals. We invest our years of programming expertise and creative ability in each design we do.

Artificial Light, Inc… Illuminating your Business Concepts with Design